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moved to Paris in January 2013 after after frequently been visiting for ten years/ since 2003. Today I call Paris my home and I live in the heart of Montmartre.

I´m born in the 70´s, so I am a happy 40+ with all that comes with it ;-)

I´ve been selling my photos and photo art since 2011, both to private customers and also to different photo art companies and interior stores around the world.

I also do editorial photos for different Magazines, mostly Swedish publishers. 

Before I moved to Paris I owned and ran a interior store in Stockholm, so I do have a passion for interior, furniture, details and renovations.

I started with wedding and couple photography when I moved to Paris, but today my true passion is to photo shoot dancers (ballet specific)  and personal portraits. We DO have the best backdrops for amazing photos here and I love meeting people from all over the world and create unique photos for you to reminisce over for the rest of your life ♥  

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