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"Magdalena Martin, photographe suédoise vivant à Montmartre depuis 2013, capture l’essence de Paris à travers son objectif. Ses œuvres, marquées par une sensibilité unique et une attention aux détails, révèlent la beauté cachée des scènes parisiennes du quotidien. "

- Montmartre Festival, Paris 2024



I´m a Swedish photographer from Stockholm, and in 2013 I moved to Paris and I haven´t looked back since.  


I´ve been selling my photos and photo art since 2011, both to private customers and also to different photo art companies like Yellow Korner and interior stores around the world. I photo shoot wedding, portraits, artists, hotels, restaurants and interior. 

I also do editorial photos for different Magazines, mostly Swedish publishers.


We DO have the best backdrops for amazing photos in Paris and I love meeting people from all over the world and create unique photos for you to reminisce over for the rest of your life ♥  

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Happy to present my first Photography Exhibition in Montmartre in collaboration with Montmartre Festival and Brasserie La Mascotte.

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