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photography workshop in Paris

"Classical ballet is created with the front of the body, and all the movements are based around that front. So if you suddenly move the camera, some movements just don´t work, to a ballet eye."

- film choreographer, former Royal Ballet principal Johan Kobborg


For photographers wanting to learn the aesthetics involved in ballet photography and the technique of the dancer that your eye must be trained to see in order to attract dancers to your work.

Shooting a dancer has to be a open dialog between the dancer and the photographer, to be able to develop their art as one together.

The most beautiful magic can be created with a ballet dancer and a photographer. This is possible with the eye to the photography elements as well the aesthetic of the dancers pose which is something that can be taught. It has to be the right angle, line, height, placement and released all in one body line or pose. With all of these components put together, you can create a masterpiece and collide two worlds beautifully.

And the best way to learn this is by a workshop with a photographer who has learned the art of shooting a ballerina through prior experience and together with a professional ballerina who will explain what you as a photographer have to look for in lines and poses.

And of course, after this workshop you will have beautiful portfolio photos to attract dancers to your work.

Sara Michelle Murawski_-753.jpg
Sara Michelle Murawski_-692.jpg
Sara Michelle Murawski_-677.jpg

when & where?


The workshop is around 4 hours long, it will take place in central Paris, with 2 main locations. Exact details after booking. We will not shoot at Trocadéro for the reason of too many people there.

We will start early in the morning around 7.30 am. Maximum 6 photographers attending each Workshop. Price 300 Euros/person


July 1, July 5, July 12, July 19, July 26

But we are flexible and open for more dates! Please send us a email if you have a special request.

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photography workshop in Paris

You will learn how to freeze motion..

Dance photogrphy Workshop in Paris


You can easily pay by PayPal.  

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what do i need?

You need a camera with M, Tv and Av modes. Recommended lenses are: 70-200, 24-70, 50 or 85mm.

If you don’t have any of those lenses, bring the ones you have.

what do i get?

  • You will most likely get great portfolio pictures to attract other dancers in the future

  • The knowledge how to freeze movements, analyze a photographic situation. 

  • Learn framing and composition, and develop your photographer’s eye.

  • Learn the aesthetic of the dancers pose, the right angle, line, height,

       and placement in one body line or pose.

  • The timing involved in capturing ballet positions, including positions in the air.

  • The understanding what a dancer expect of you as a photographer.

  • A diploma of attending a ballet photography Workshop in Paris.

  • And a great time of course! ♥


who is sarafina?

Sara Michelle Murawski_-175.jpg


is a principal dancer and guest artist, currently based in New York City.

  • Instagram

aka "Sara" is a ballerina with a decade of professional stage experience, having risen within the field from the group rank at 17 year in Europe to top ranking positions within the professional ballet world in the USA and in Europe.

In Ballet, to become deemed as a "ballerina," a dancer must rise to become a Principal in a major company &/or have danced on major stages the most difficult leading roles, such as the Swan Odette/Odile in Swan Lake.

Sara has accomplished both of these major career accomplishments, despite the challenges involved. Sara has been a "ballerina" for half of her decade within the decade thus-far of her professional ballet career. In both Europe and the United States, Sara has danced numerous leading roles in the major ballets within the classical canon-- such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, and Le Corsaire, as well as special creations in companies and in galas where she has performed.

One standout about Sara: she is quite known for her arabesque, which is the most iconic pose within classical ballet. So much that a professional ballet studio painted a giant mural of her in arabesque and one dance authority suggested publicly to the dance community to give the position the re-named term, the "Sarabeque." Should you wish, you will have the unique opportunity to capture *Sarafina* herself in this very classical pose! She is among the few who have mastered most of the very pristine details and precision of all elements of technique involved in the pose. Sarafina has nailed it time and time again, thereby becoming reputed for this pose. She has many other poses for you as well!!!




Interview by filmographer Katy Roberts

Behind the scenes with Sara & Magdalena, captured by Michelene Murawski

"Ballet is kind of a sport and an art, so the more you can make it look easy to the normal eye, the better you are"

- Sara Michelle Murawski

Currently, Sara is involved in several projects: upcoming guest performances in full length classical ballets and new creations in galas, including some of her own choreography. She is also starring in an upcoming music video, and working on several photography and videography projects, including a major brand endorement extended video filmed in iconic locations within New York City.  Sara is scheduled to dance the leading role in a full-length classical ballet with another professional dancer.

Read more here:

Sara about Magdalena;

"- Magdalena Martins is a pure joy to work with and is magical at the Art of capturing a ballerina, and she is willing and ready to show you some of her magic! Her photos of ballerinas have captured the attention of major commercial companies, that are now asking her to do commercial & fashion photography with them. Magdalena is a master at the art of imagery, and now would like to offer to show you the specialized Art of making Dance Photography that makes dancing artists very happy with your work, endlessly coming back to you for more, even if that means crossing the ocean again & again!


Magdalena has the most incredible eye as a creator and photographer! She is so incredible at matching up the colors and knowing exactly where to go that a dress or lightning and background all match each other perfectly. She truly makes magic in a magical city! I felt like we all as a team made magic together that inspires me as an artist so much"


We are currently looking for:

  • Makeup artist

  • Film photographer

  • Clothes Companies, suiting for dance photography

  • Tall male dancer

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